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Mason's First Stitches!

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I guess stitches are a parenting milestone, so that's another one off my list. Mason did a header off the couch and hit the coffee table with the back of his head. Tears and enough blood to tell me it was time to hit the hospital. Trouble is were in the middle of nowhere at my aunt's farm. Good to know that Markdale Ontario (one traffic light) has a fabulous hospital!

Mason was brave and energetic about the hospital. Ambulances roaring in and out, paramedics charging around looking official and more buttons than a preschooler could dream. All the machines weren't working on him at first (blood pressure, thermometer and pulse) so I was teasing him that he was not a boy but a transformer. He loved that and cracked a few smiles. For the rest of our stay (only about 2 hours) the nurses, docs and paramedics came to check on "the transformer" and one even asked if he was Optimus Prime. He beamed.

So he has 3 stitches in the back of his head and 3 new dinky cars (his "dinks"). Also good to konw that Markdale has a fabulous toy store. If I could remember the name in my blur of tears, anxiety and deep breaths I would add them as a baby welcoming listing. Of course Sadie demolished the toy store so maybe they won't be so keen on 16 month olds cruising in there.

Time for a beer and a nap.

Mama Love...home from the hospital.

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