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Mama Love...On The Move and Wondering What I Was Thinking!!

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My new favourite 4-letter word? SOLD!!!!!!!! That's right, my house is SOLD and now I have to pack everything up and get out and get to a new house and settle in and make it wonderful and be an energetic and engaged parent the whole time!

My 3 year old Mason has offered the use of all his mighty machines dinky cars for the move, which is helpful. In fact, this morning he even told me we could use his remote control skid steer (which is about the size of my shoe - and even though I have size 11 drag queen feet that's still not very big) but he was emphatic that HE would be the one using the remote control. Uh, thanks Mason.

My daughter Sadie who is 16 months has no idea what is happening but I know she will get packing tape caught in her hair and will for sure escape out the front door a few times during moving and packing.

And our dog, The Dude, will more than likely get stressed and lose all his hair (he's shaggy so that would be really gross).

But I guess that's what it's all about: on-the-go parenting indeed!



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